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CopyCat Photoshop Action

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Introducing CopyCat, a Photoshop action that replicates the look of worn out photocopies - whether you are looking to apply this effect to posters, album covers, zines, typography compositions or photos, this tool will help you get cool looking copies without having to go to the local print shop.


Realistic Photocopy Effect: Easily achieve the photocopy look with just a few clicks. This action meticulously replicates the grainy textures, contrast and toner marks found in old photocopies, with elements sampled from real toner marks and grunge textures for a more realistic result.

Customizable settings: Fine tune the effect to suit your artwork -  adjust the intensity, texture, grit amount, print pattern, and image levels using the parameters generated by the action.

Non-destructive workflow: Your original image remains untouched. Each time you run the action, it will generate a brand new Photoshop document with all your original layers intact (if you select the Layered option), and converted to a Smart Object so you can keep working on the source material even after the effect is applied.

User friendly: The action creates a clean template with color coded groups and well organized layers for ease of use. You will also get a detailed user guide video with captions to follow along and get a full overview of all the action features, as well as a speed art process video for a more practical approach.

Grunge texture threshold adjustment

Image levels adjustment

Print pattern scale



CopyCat action: This action contains all the steps to recreate the photocopy effect as many times as you want, in a fully automated way.

Print patterns: Choose from a selection of 18 seamless patterns, ranging from the standard noise, grain and halftone textures, to more abstract ones that work well for experimental work.

Toner textures: You will get 15 high resolution tif photocopy textures as well as 4 seamless toner patterns.

Color schemes: 17 Gradient Maps presets for the print + paper colors (you can also create your own custom color schemes).

Brushes: 58 marker scribbles brushes sampled from real specimens, to add as accents.

Paper folds & creases: 15 high resolution jpg textures to get an additional layer of details in your work.

Torn paper: 14 transparent PNG torn paper pieces to add as accents.

Print patterns

More print patterns

Paper folds & creases

Extras (torn paper PNG's and marker scribbles brushes)

Photocopy textures

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CopyCat.atn, CopyCat Color Schemes.grd, CopyCat Patterns.pat, CopyCat brushes.abr, 15 folded paper textures (jpg), 15 photocopy textures (tif), 15 torn paper pieces (png), User guide.mp4, and Process speed art.mp4

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CopyCat Photoshop Action

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