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Dithering Automator

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Introducing Dithering Automator - a tool for achieving a retro bitmap aesthetic with ease.

This Photoshop tool allows you to add a dithering effect to your images - whether you are looking for a lo-fi 1-bit aesthetic, or a wider color range.

With 12 dithering patterns and 74 color palettes included, this tool offers almost endless possibilities for creating unique and visually interesting designs. Plus, you can see the results in real-time, making it easy to experiment and fine-tune your designs in a procedural way until you achieve the desired effect.

The Dithering Automator is also versatile and adaptable, with multiple template sizes available to suit any project; from a super low-res 64x64px to more a detailed 1024x1024px. You also have the option to set up your own canvas with custom dimensions if you prefer. And for those who want to get the most out of this tool, a user guide is included with detailed instructions and helpful tips for using the various features.

And to showcase your work, you will also find a series of mockups inspired by old Mac OS interfaces.

Specs & features:

  • Templates size presets: 64x64px, 128x128px, 256x256px, 512x512px, 1024x1024px, 160x144px, 240x160px, 320x224px, custom dimensions.
  • Detailed user guide with pictures
  • 300ppi PSD mockups with editable elements

Color levels adjustment

Image levels adjustment


Software compatibility:

You will need Photoshop CC to use this product.

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9 PSD templates (Dithering Automator), 4 PSD mockup files, 1 ATN file (Upscale image action), 1 GRD file (Gradient presets), 1 PAT file (Dithering patterns), 1 PDF user guide

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Dithering Automator

0 ratings
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